The Ideal Graduate Activity


To get to know fellow participants, consider their different perspectives and establish rapport for future work together on the development of our projects

To establish the end goal before details take over.

The Ideal Graduate:

How can we best describe the ideal graduate?
three rotations
1) The grade level graduate
2) The “by discipline” graduate
3) Characteristics of the ideal graduate (random mixing)

3) School Teams – focus on the requirements and accountability measures dictated from entities outside your walls


Respect for space

flexible – courage and confidence – esteem – accountability – motivated – resilient

Organized – ownership accountability – goals – self evaluation – manners social skills – communication – resourcefulness


Confident in academics – independent – learning stlye – priorities – initiative – collaborative


Different perspectives – toleant – reflective – life long learness – metacognition – community service – leaderrship – more than the marks

Engaged – experienced – confident – higher level thinker – passionate – balanced – wellness

By Discipline:
English and Language Arts
Professional writing – writing to an audience – in spite of emerging tech – love of reading – media savvy discerning – writing to make a connection to an audience. Looking fo depth and breadth. Exposed to a variety – recognizing themes – formulating themes

Social Studies
Active citizenship – know that you can make a difference – research skills – application – sense of identity – History as a guide for the present – apply past to present

Critical questioning – creative thinking – abstract – art and science do mix – resourceful – patient – persistent – humble – inquisitive – relationship between observation and analysis – heredity – evolution – living things and human interaction with environment e=mc2 – Lab – experimentation skills


Fearlessness – apply math to real world – estimating – see math connections – challenge the math they encounter as true or false


School groups:

The combination of “high expectations” and projects
empathetic – headed to university -

Cochran and Bow Valley:

Manage stress – problem solving skills – independent

calculated risk takers



pressure to compete academically with across town school

cometition and cooperation




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